TLA Symposium I Agenda




Virtual Vaudeville: Simulation and the Risks of Positivism

The Virtual Vaudeville Project is a 3-year effort, funded by the National Science Foundation, to simulate the experience of attending an historical  theatre event using 3D models, motion capture and high-performance gaming  technology. The broad goal is to develop a flexible set of techniques and  technologies that scholars and theatre practitioners can use to simulate a  wide range of performance genres, from Greek tragedy to medieval pageant plays. The short-term objective is to complete a fully-functional simulation of a vaudeville performance at New York's Union Square Theatre in the year 1895.

In this talk, David Saltz will present the project's work-in-progress, and offer a critical reflection on the challenges of the project's underlying premise, in particular the risk, inherent in any immersive simulation (digital or material), of reinforcing positivist assumptions about history.


Drama, Dance, Music, Film

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