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Strategic Planning


Current Ad Hoc Committees


Awards Committees

Book Awards Committee

Co-Chairs: Tiffany Nixon and Linda Miles

Members: Diana Bertolini

Freedley Award Jurors: James Fisher, Rachel Shteir, Don B. Wilmeth; Wall Award Jurors: John Calhoun, David Pierce, Stephen Tropiano

Charge: The Book Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing submissions of books for the George Freedley Memorial Award and the Richard Wall Memorial Award, determining award recipients, coordinating the Award Ceremony in conjunction with the Conference Planning Committee and publicizing the award.


Professional Awards Committee

Chair: Francesca Marini

Members: Susan Brady, Phyllis Dircks, Abigail Garnett, Karen Nickeson, Kevin Winkler

Charge: The Professional Award Committee is responsible for overseeing the Distinguished Service Award and the Brooks McNamara Scholarship.



Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Angela Weaver

Members: Susan Brady, John Frick

Charge: The Conference Planning Committee, chaired by the Vice President, is responsible for preparing the programs for annual and other meetings, including awards ceremonies, and for conducting all business concerning these programs. At present, programs include the TLA program at the American Library Association annual meeting, TLA's portion of the joint ASTR/TLA conference program, and the TLA Symposium series. The Conference Planning Committee works with the Book Awards Committee to plan the awards ceremony.



Membership Committee

Chair: Beth Kattelman

Members: Noreen Barnes, Beth Kerr, Francesca Marini, David Nochimson, Megan Wacha

Charge: The Membership Committee is responsible for attracting members to and promoting the interests of the Association.


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Nominating Committee

Chair:  Kenneth Schlesinger

Members: Susan Brady, David Nochimson, Kevin Winkler

Charge: The Nominating Committee is charged with submitting a slate of preferably two or more qualified candidates for each vacant elected office to the Executive Secretary by August 1 of each election year, for presentation to the membership.



Publications Committee

Chair: Leakhim Gannett

Members:  Phyllis Dircks, Stephen Johnson, Stephen Kuehler, Rob Melton, Catherine Ritchie, Sarah Zimmerman

Charge: The Publications Committee coordinates all publication activities of the Association. At present, these include the newsletter, BROADSIDE, and Performing Arts Resources.



Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Angela Weaver

Members: Tiffany Nixon, Kenneth Schlesinger, Morgen Stevens-Garmon

Charge: The Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by the Vice President, is responsible for long term planning for the ongoing work of the Association. The Committee works in consultation with other appropriate committee chairs and with the President of the Association.



Current Ad Hoc Committees

Committee on Academic Libraries

Chair: Angela Weaver

Members: Nena Couch, Diana King, Doug Reside


Committee on the Future of the Book Awards

Chair: Tiffany Nixon

Members: John Calhoun, Nancy Friedland, Marti LoMonaco, Linda Miles


Web Site Committee

Chair: David Nochimson

Members: Nancy Friedland, Laurie Murphy, Doug Reside, Angela Weaver, Lisbeth Wells-Pratt


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Last updated: March 16, 2014