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New York City CenterMint Theater Company   Jacob's Pillow Dance

New York University
Kimmel Center for University Life
Shorin Music Performance Center

Friday, February 16, 2007
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

 Performance Reclamation:
Research, Discovery, and Interpretation

Performing arts libraries and archives play a critical role in recreating performance and supporting the construction of production histories.  Research – in the context and breadth of collection documents – assumes a creative role in interpretation, artistic choices, and revisualization in production.

In this sense, we posit the library as a living, breathing entity and proactive collaborator in restaging of works.  Examining performance in its broadest sense - theater, dance, musicals, and film - we anticipate a dynamic dialogue between producers, directors, choreographers, librarians, archivists, dramaturgs, and scholars on this creative nexus between research and production, aesthetic questions of reinterpretation as works are updated for the present, ethical issues in determining artists' original intentions, and how the benefit of new technologies both facilitates and challenges the rebirth of classical works from previous eras.

The proceedings of this symposium were published in volume 26 of TLA's journal Performing Arts Resources in 2008.

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